Saturday, 18 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141016 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TPP Leak Confirms Measures To Criminalize Corporate Whistleblowing - part of campaign to enshrine #tradesecrets

Acuerdo Trans-Pacífico: consolidación de un sistema abusivo de patentes. - #TPP #mx

UN Says Mass Surveillance Violates Human Rights - in case you were wondering... #nsa #gchq

WikiLeaks' free trade documents reveal 'drastic' Australian concessions - you have to wonder why... #TPP

Italian consumers shouldn’t have to pay for software they don’t want – Letter to Regulators - giusto

"He no longer thinks [fossil fuel divestment] is a sideshow; he thinks it is powerful" - why coal & oil are panicking

Free Software and Open Standards under the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament - call for public comments

The Open Science Peer Review Oath - well, that's a novel idea #openaccess #opendata

Kiwis may be hit by higher medicine costs - a certainty if #TPP goes through... #NZ

Antitrust, DRM & Coffee: Is It Illegal For Keurig To Lock Down Its Brewers? - good question

New WikiLeaks of the #TPP Intellectual Property Chapter — Analysis of Copyright Provisions -

#UK "fracking firms to be allowed pump "any substance" under our homes, & leave it there" - staggering, if confirmed

UK to allow #fracking companies to use 'any substance' under homes - "makes mockery of world class regulation claims"

Blind student refused service in @Tesco for taking in guide dog - unacceptable, even in error

TTIP Update XL - even if #ISDS is out of #TTIP, it's still in #CETA & the new #EUSFTA: they allow subsidiaries to sue

Chinese investment abroad surges 90pc - this is why China will love #ISDS - it will use it more than anyone...

Cartier and friends score over ISPs and Open Rights Group -

Time for Real #Transparency in Trade Talks - interesting analysis from @snlester #TPP #TTIP (v @Cecile_Toubeau

green light for staff to use force against inmates - private prisons are recipe for disaster (v @raycorrigan)

5 Year Old Who Drew A Gun In Crayon Forced To Sign No-Suicide Contract With School - no comment necessary...

Activists use GPS to track illegal loggers in Brazil's Amazon rainforest - better than getting murdered (v @mathewi)

Judgment recognises ORG's intervention in landmark website blocking case - so ORG didn't lose Cartier case, in fact

The Troubled Economics, & the Curious Politics, of the Canada-Korea Trade Deal - hugely-important political analysis

Canadian government threatens bird watchers 4 writing concerned letter about bee die-off - "advocacy chill"=bullying

Secrecy-Shrouded #TPP Leaks Alarm Internet Freedom Advocates - & so it should

A Trade Storm Is Brewing - US pserspective on state of #TAFTA/#TTIP, #TPP, #TISA negotiations

New Zealand Police Raid Home Of Reporter Who Embarrassed Gov't Officials & Was Working On Snowden Documents - shabby

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