Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141013 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

“We will keep America free by making Americans feel safe again” - by spying on them (v @Liberationtech @BernardKeane)

1,200 undercover police officers operating across England and Wales - UK police out of control - again...

ex-Tory minister Alan Duncan to condemn Israeli settlements in blistering speech - tide is turning

Stoiber's proposals are part of a wider attack on health & safety standards, environmental regulation, etc. as are #TTIP and #TISA

One of Monsanto's Leading Products Has Been Linked to Cancer -- Again - needs close investigation #roundup

#OpenAccess Week 2014 - lots of good things happening #oa

"I hate to talk about backdoors but there has to be a possibility for law enforcement" - the man is a dangerous fool

Chat logs reveal FBI informant’s role in hacking of Sun newspaper - I do hope @rupertmurdoch takes note

Menschenrechtler in Aserbaidschan: Gef√§ngnis oder Exil - appalling treatment of Leyla Yunus by #Azerbaijan gov

Include the Green Party in the TV Leaders' Debates ahead of the 2015 General Election - hardly fair not to...

Why A 'Declaration of Digital Human Rights' Gets It Wrong - back to the drawing board

EU Parliament promises to better register its decisions - great work by @FFII #ACTA

#ISDS make #CETA a tough sell in Germany - means huge pressure will be applied to Germany (v @PCGTW)

European Court Of Justice To Consider Legal Ramifications Of Offering Open WiFi - could have wide ramifications

Good News: US Patent Office Now Rejecting A Lot More Software Patents - welcome, but it's taken long enough

More Trade Agreements Won't Fix the Mess Made by Austerity - #TTIP will have "a trivial effect on growth"

Guardian view on MPs’ Palestine vote: Israel should listen - "non-violence represents the Palestinians’ best hope"

Australia's Prime Minister: '#Coal Is Good for Humanity' - clearly doesn't understand negative externalities

ISIS is the leading supplier of the most potent drug in the world - frighteningly plausible analysis

Smoke Screen: One Industry Carve-Out Won’t Solve the Problem of Corporate Courts - absolutely right #ISDS #TPP

NYPD Officer Takes Cash From Man During Stop-And-Frisk; Pepper Sprays Him When He Asks To Have It Returned -

.@Ansip_EU What will the new @EU_Commission do to advance #freesoftware and to encourage new EU startups based on it? #AskAnsip

.@Ansip_EU EU's own research shows database right has *reduced* database creation - …: will you repeal it? #AskAnsip

.@Ansip_EU will you ensure the "Christmas list of items" promised to copyright lobbyists is not granted? - …? #AskAnsip

.@Ansip_EU software is an big part of research: if the public pays for that research, will you require the sw to be #opensource? #AskAnsip

Battery Breakthrough: Researchers Claim 70% Charge In 2 Minutes, 20-Year Life - sounds rather too good to be true...

September Sets Records as Global Warming Claims Another Month - again...

Abbott attacks ANU's 'stupid decision' to dump fossil fuel investments - well, at least he's an expert in stupidity

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