Sunday, 30 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130629 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Former #NSA contractor warns of “murky” interception arrangements - here's the story the guardian took down #EU

 HS2: ministers 'have misled public' over report on costs - #HS2 is going to be a costly, and utter fiasco

A Discussion With Cryptome - about #snowden, #nsa et al. good fun (v @newsbrooke @ChMadar)

Data Dealer - Legal? Illegal? Whatever. - interesting idea for a game... #kickstarter #cc

 Geheimdokumente: #NSA überwacht 500 Millionen Verbindungen in Deutschland - is merkel happy with that? #EU

With Journalism Persecuted, The United States Is Now At Event Horizon To A Police State - thought-provoking as ever

New #PRISM slides say the program allows #NSA to eavesdrop on live conversations - "direct" access returns...

Why Glenn Greenwald Drives The Media Crazy - simple: he shows them up for being spineless, craven flunkies

Conservative Columnist Says Gun Violence Isn't Priority - "20,000 Americans kill themselves each year with firearms"

‘You’ve nothing to fear…’ - useful comments from @simonmckay following thursday's meeting at Houses of Parliament

#China To Send Combat Troops To Mali - er, isn't this rather significant? (v @Jodsvall)

EU demands clarification over US spying claims - "would have a "severe impact" on relations between the EU & the US"

#Egypt's Mohamed Morsi remains defiant as fears of #civilwar grow - this is deeply worrying

A bionic arm gives life back to a deserving man - impressive tech, moving story

Important new paper: how #TPP will undermine tobacco, health & environment regs - excellent #ISDS (v @ProfGlantz)

here's full paper on threat that #TPP represents to tobacco, health & environment regs. - recommended #investorstate

Freunde machen so etwas nicht! - "Ich erwarte eine sofortige Beendigung der Bespitzelung. " #nsa #prism

Key US-EU trade pact under threat after more NSA spying allegations - #TAFTA/#TTIP in trouble before it even starts

UK's ancient forests could spread again thanks to plan to clone 'super-trees' - sounds a great idea

 U.S. Said to Explore Possible #China Role in #Snowden Leaks - ah, commie spy, now.... (v @maxkeiser @kaatje36)

#NSA-Spähprogramm in Deutschland: Steinbrück fordert von Merkel Aufklärung - quite right too

[ v e r a x ] : Edward #Snowden / 斯諾登 - Short Film - only 5 mins, but rather atmospheric & fun... (v @DerSPIEGEL)

La #NSA espionnait aussi l'Union européenne - "Barack Obama a menti." (v @endrazine @ioerror)

Breaking the Seal on Drug Research - useful piece on #opendata for #clinicaltrials (v @howardknopf)

Washington Post releases 4 new slides from #NSA's Prism presentation - huh? doesn't Guardian have them too? #confused

EU officials slam US over alleged bugging of EU offices; German prosecutors start probe - (v @howardknopf)#TAFTA

New #NSA leaks show how US is bugging its European allies - more detail emerge; EU people won't like this... #TAFTA

Reaktionen zu NSA-Enthüllungen: EU-Kommissarin stellt Handelsabkommen mit USA in Frage - & before latest leak

Berlin accuses US of cold war tactics over snooping - "probably entailed elements of industrial & trade espionage"

#Prism event in Parliament last thursday - lots of good stuff; worth watching (v @open_spectrum)#NSA #UK

#Prism, privacy and politics with a small p - useful #EU summary if you've not been keeping up.... (v @sinkdeep)

"Great care has been taken to make sure Mr Snowden cannot be pressured by any state to stop the publishing process" -

How The #Copyright Industry Pushed For Internet Surveillance - they must have it to tame the Net

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Can't Tell You About #NSA Abuses - Stalin would be so proud (v @schestowitz)

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