Monday, 18 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130316 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Japan and the Trans Pacific Partnership - interesting comments from #NZ farmers #TPP

The Brutal and Secretive Trade of American Horses Killed For Their Meat - horsemeat investigation reaches #mexico

Leveson: Ed Miliband tells MPs to do their duty for victims of the press pity they destroyed #libel reform on way

Why the Biggest Debt We Owe Has Nothing to Do with Money - wide-ranging essay

English-language studies 'destructive' to #China's education, says CPPCC deputy - interesting attack on english

Please help Prof Séralini’s team continue their public interest research - important work not done elsewhere

MT @nickpickles Private investigators being used to dodge surveillance regulation? Another reason to reform #RIPA -

Following Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, Apple debuts ‘Why iPhone’ webpage to tout why people love iPhone, slam Android -

How an unknown Taiwanese server maker is eating the big guys’ lunch - helped by Open Computer Project 

A World that Works for Everyone - hear Silke Helfrich talking about the #commons in #London next week

What is the #TPP, and what does it mean for New Zealand? - handy short video to pass around #NZ

Papua New Guinea takes regional lead in supporting free West Papua campaign - important move (v @suigenerisjen)

Ranking Digital Rights - "Developing a methodology to rank ICT companies on free expression and privacy criteria"

MT @dcarli Imagine if your library didn't just lend books, but also seeds then remember #genepatents wlll forbid it

Are Russian killers on the streets of Britain? - amazing tale; worrying if true 

"I’m not com­fort­able with a cri­tique of “#open” that ends up being a defense of the status-quo" - my feelings too

Has HTTPS finally been cracked? Five researchers deal SSL/TLS a biggish blow... - moral: don't use RC4 (v @kyrah404)

British journalists need to take responsibility for press reform - good, sensible thoughts #leveson

Climate change cut from national curriculum for children up to 14 - what next? creationism? #UK

Discovery of 400 million year-old sensory structures in compound eyes of trilobites - wow (v @JenniferFrazer @BoraZ)

Concern Japan may hold up #TPP - we shall see

Newspaper groups threaten to boycott new press regulator - they'll ignore the law: at least they're honest

#Australia paying 64 times more for medications - & so will#NewZealand if it signs up to #TPP

Hopeful China wants Japan, S. Korea in own trade pact - be interesting... #TPP #TAFTA (v @DrRimmer)

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