Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130304 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] US Groups express dairy concerns 4 #TPP negotiations - #NZ sacrifices #pharmac, doesn't even get milk in return?

BRCA1 #genepatent ruling to be appealed om #AU - that's good (v @DrRimmer) 

Group says Google shopping ads fuel ivory trade - oi,#Google, sort this please #bloodivory

If It Comes With A Gagging Clause, It's Not #OpenData - need full access to live train that we help pay for #uk

Streit um Privatisierung: Das undurchsichtige Geschäft mit dem Wasser - water supplies must be transparent...

Over 400 Groups Urge New Direction in the Trans-Pacific Partnership - impressive: the resistance is building #TPP

#OpenAccess. Imprimatur in the age of academic deflation - fine, hard-hitting piece about UK's misguided #OA policy

Google controls too much of #China's smartphone sector: ministry - question is, what will it do about it?

Brussels introduces rules to combat illegal logging - about time; now enforce them #EU

Bradley Manning Nobel Peace Prize Nomination 2013 - move by EU politicians

Saudi seven face crucifixion and firing squad for armed robbery - what??? (v @ImranGarda @Asher_Wolf)#barbarism

As Clock Ticks Toward #TPP Deadline, US Must End Stall Tactics on Access to Medicines - (v @joanna_keenan @PostActa)

China must send a clear message to consumers on ivory trade - c'mon, #China, this is mostly your fault: pl. fix now

The reality of what the #TPP means to #NZ - getting serious: NZ might want to consider the consequences #pharmac

Getting More Farm #Antibiotics Data: What Will It Take? - just selfish, but suicidal #superbug

Swedish BitTorrent User Accused Of Sharing Beyonce Album, Hit By $233,000 Lawsuit From Sony - disproportionate, much?

As Pirates Run Rampant, TV Studios Dial Up Pursuit - shallow: makes no attempt to explore the why (v @jeffjarvis)

IAB EU cautions #Mozilla switching off large part of European industries & undermining openness of internet - rich

NHS private sector climbdown 'humiliating U-turn', says Labour - stop using such taunts & it might happen more often

Yes, The US Industrial Revolution Was Built On Piracy And Fraud - worth remembering

If Most Crime Involves A 'Cyber' Element, Can't We Just Call It Crime Instead Of Cybercrime? - brilliant point

Wyden, Udall, Collins Statement on Committee Access to Targeted Killing Documents - (v @normative) 

non-US Ownership Of Firms in IP-Intensive Industries -'s lot of it: US still in favour of making them richer?

#UK people: I've just written to my MP about this - please do the same if you can. thanks #libel

Texas School Axes Yearbook Photo of 16-Year-Old Lesbian Girl - such warm, lovely people

Micro 3D Printer Creates Tiny Structures in Seconds - 3D moore's law strikes again

Cyber Deterrence against China? The only route left is an Open Source Approach - fascinating thoughts

A Japan–EU free trade deal? - these FTAs are getting out of hand #TAFTA #TPP

The #Hadoop ecosystem: the (welcome) elephant in the room - great graphic representation

EKT ePublishing: Ανοικτή Πρόσβαση στην Γνώση! - great stuff #openaccess

So Much For Protecting US Interests - Most Big 'IP Intensive' Firms Are Foreign-Owned - US policy based on delusion

Shooting Yourself In the Foot, 21st Century Style -

Why Andy Ihnatko switched from an iPhone to an Android -'t be long before the backlash, surely?

Kyrgyzstan Considers Banning Girls from Traveling Abroad - maybe not as bad as it sounds... #kg

Linus Torvalds really likes Google's Chromebook Pixel -; wish I could afford one...

Global Free Internet Act Introduced In Congress - that's nice, but will it do any good?

Government to legislate for plain cigarette packaging this year - kudos to #UK gov if it follows #Australia here

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