Saturday, 12 May 2012


Bungling #ICANN will now reveal “.vegas”, other new names in June - how to ruin the net in one easy step

sentenza della Cassazione: I blog non sono stampa clandestina e non sono un prodotto editoriale - (v @carlopiana)

Navy Says Their Sonar And Explosion Tests Could Harm More Marine Life Than Previously Thought - what a surprise

Ex-WikiLeaks-Sprecher ist Pirat - lok who just popped up

Indie Film Maker Is Creating A #DRM-Free Open HD Video Format - sad this is even news

Richard Stallman Cancels Event, Rushed to Hospital - reminds us that he is irreplaceable #rms

Pirate Bay Founder Peter Sunde Requests Pardon - good luck with that

Bruxelles veut imposer une classification des contenus sur Internet - clueless demagoguery from European Commission

Case for #snooping powers backfires for Theresa May - ie no evidence they are needed (v @bbw1984)#uk

Crowdfunding gegen #ACTA erfolgreich - great news; nice ideas

#ACTA continue sa lente agonie - "lente agonie" - love it

Open letter to Members of Parliament on Internet surveillance - lots of good points (v @asteris)#snooping

Wir sind die Bürgerinnen und Bürger - #epetition calling for #copryight fit for the Internet age (v @jwyg)#de

EU Commission fires back at DP chief over #ACTA - oh look, it's Mr Pedro Velasco Martins again (v @remixtures)

#Adobe move promotes piracy - yup #stupidity

talking of #adobe #fail, several people have reminded me that a fab new version of #GIMP is out - do try it - it's free

UK Government #openstandards – the story so far …. - great roundup of dozens of articles on subject (v@ntouk)

#SOPA Supporters Urge White House To Use Secretive #TPP Process To Insert Draconian New IP Laws - just evil

Interessenkonflikt? Europaabgeordneter ist gleichzeitig Anwalt für Patente und Urheberrecht - </sigh>

Report Shows Big Increase in Spotify’s Payouts to Indie Labels - that's good (v @Glinner @buzzsonic)

Iran's Internet Filters Filter Out Leader's Screed Against Getting Around Filters - wonderful

After the German Pirate Party's String Of Successes, Here Comes The Backlash - was bound to happen... #de

TPP Deep Dive: Copyright and Digital Locks - more great analysis of just how awful #TPP really is - do read

Louis CK Secretly Releases Another Online-Only Special - this will be interesting

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