Wednesday, 8 February 2012


What The Curebit Saga Teaches Us About #Copyright, #Plagiarism And #Reputation - fascinating stuff

EU says it won't back down in airline emissions row - wonder how this will work out? #china

70 Groups Ask Congress to Halt Work On #SOPA and PIPA - unlikely to happen, but good to keep up the pressure

Bureau Reviews: Sarkozy’s £10,000 food bill - that's per day...

WunderMap Shows Weather From the Past & Future - looks rather cool

Czech government suspends process of ratification of #ACTA - PM - I can't work out if this is a trick or not....

Why an International Trade Agreement Could Be as Bad as SOPA - good piece; great to see "copyright ratchet" meme #ACTA

Patent Office: Inventors Don't Have To Pay #Copyright On Science Submissions - scientific publishers behaving badly

Open-source Weave liberates data for journalists, citizens - nice combo #opensource #journalism

Whatever happened to that "six strikes" P2P notice system? It's coming soon - good update on bad idea

#ACTA: Die 10 Mythen der EU-Kommission - good debunking of three of them

Lenovo ordered to pay €1920 for making French laptop buyer pay for Windows too - great EU precedent# #bundling

OGDCamp + OKCon = Open Knowledge Festival 2012 in Helsinki, Finland! - lovely city, too...

Meet the most destructive force on the internet - about #adblock #advertising

ACTA Update III - debunking the European Commission's debunking #ACTA #EC

EU Socialists appoint Martin as rapporteur for #ACTA - "open and transparent in my deliberations": we'll see (@jerezim)

Is #secrecy the new black in IP? - good analysis of issues around #ACTA #transparency

#Czech Republic, #Slovakia freeze #ACTA - wow, slovakia too - this is getting impressive (v @StopActaNow)

Will the New #ACTA Rapporteur Stand For Citizens Freedoms? - let's just say we shouldn't bank on it...

Lamar Smith: Enemy Of The Internet? Defends Internet Snooping Bill - full of bad ideas, this chap.... #SOPA

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