Thursday, 2 February 2012


Another Reason We Need Open Government Data: To Avoid Information Asymmetries - as if we needed one #ogov #opendata

#ACTA's Back - "since it changes no laws, presumably its rejection is no big loss" - brilliant point

Intellectual Property Is Theft - well-argued and well-written piece (v @nskinsella)

Leebre: a Jamendo-inspired platform for free #ebooks - nice #cc

Cyberlocker Burden of Proof Should Be Reversed, Anti-Piracy Group Says - no limits to their sense of entitlement

Ireland’s Post-SOPA Tsunami - excellent, detailed explanation of what's going on

Airtime 2.0 features improved Icecast, SHOUTcast, SoundCloud integration - good to see #opensource

Barnes & Noble faces setback in Microsoft antitrust complaint - if so, confirmation the US patent system truly broken

#Sahana and Students: Saving the world one task at a time - good for this #opensource disaster management system

Bowing to anti-abortion politics, breast cancer charity cuts funds for screenings - so letting women die is "pro-life"?

Pirate Bay Founders’ Prison Sentences Final, Supreme Court Appeal Rejected - & this achieves what, precisely?

#ACTA: Commissioner De Gucht Lies to the EU Parliament - a consistently shabby record

The real Mona Lisa? Prado museum finds Leonardo da Vinci pupil's take - ooh, exciting #art

By the community, for the community: TDF to base community-driven foundation in Berlin, Germany - #libreoffice

love St Petersburg? you will after you've seen this - (v @dweinberger)#russia

#ACTA? Nein, danke! - the Greens in Germany get it. so what about the rest of Europe? (v @netzpolitik)

Stopp ACTA wiki for centralised info on demonstrations against #ACTA - not much there yet...

RT @MarietjeD66 Overcrowded room for a briefing on #ACTA by the Commission for the #ALDE group>>good sign

False arguments by European Commission in defence of #ACTA - yup; read and pass on...

#ACTA: new threat to the internet and how you can act - useful info for people in #australia (v @danicar)

Slovenian Ambassador Apologizes for Signing #ACTA - wow, I missed this: more needed (v @msmarkova)#si

Bloomberg market data API made public - sign of the times #business

With GOV.UK, British government redefines the online government platform - excellent analysis #opensource

Acta goes too far, says MEP - great interview of #ACTA rapporteur by @charlesarthur- v important points (v @coadec)

The #copyright wolves have no teeth - nice metaphor (v @mathewi)

#ACTA Update I - the first in a series, alas...

The Pirate Bay switches to a Swedish domain to prevent seizure from US authorities - surprised not done it before

The Anti-Piracy Discussion We Haven't Had Yet - actually, lots of us have: about copyright's failure in a digital world

Hollywood Gets To Party With #TPP Negotiators; Public Interest Groups Get Thrown Out Of Hotel - cronyism at its finest

#ACTA: Proteste in Deutschland werden größer - lots of useful links here, too #de

amazing: Polish anti-#ACTA page on Facebook has 500,000 supporters - Go, Poland (v @netzpolitik)#pl

The future of books, today - usual disconnect: publishers say they're doomed, more books produced than ever (v @sjvn)

German Court Thwarts Apple, Refuses To Ban Altered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N - now get competing

The End Of The Global Internet? #Google's Blogger Starts Using Country-Specific Domains To Permit Local #Censorship

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