Wednesday, 31 August 2011


7 tech predictions for the future from a #Google Creative Director - my prediction: most of these are nonsense

Yet Again, Evidence Of The Need For Fashion Copyright Is Totally And Completely Missing - who needs facts?

Open Science Summit 2011 - great stuff; be nice to have it in Europe sometime, too... #openscience

#HP Discovers The Wonderful Power Of #Scarcity, And The TouchPad Lives On - & so does techcrunch

mySociety launches - very cool idea #opendata #transport

Apple accuses Motorola, Samsung of monopolizing markets with patents - bullying not enough: adds hypocrisy

10th Circuit Affirms in All Respects - #Novell, Not #SCO, Owns the Copyrights, etc. - so, it was all a waste of time?

Australian Department of Defence conducts trial - how long before MS makes offer they can't refuse?

#Uzbekistan to rival #Facebook with state-run social network - I'm there'll be no state #surveillance or #censorship

“Respect Explorer’s Heritage” - wow, is #microsoft really this rudderless?

James Gosling: I've moved again - from #google, to Liquid Robotics... #java

Outbound space probe looks back at tiny Earth and Moon - eeek: be afraid, be very afraid... #insignificance

Patent Shill Attacks Google for Complaining about Patent Predation - good rebuttal #patents #intellectualmonopolies

More on a Space Elevator in <7 - interesting points about using #opensource etc; not so sure about global warming stuff

BitTorrent Grandma Was Wrongfully Accused, Lawyer Admits - why we need false accusation laws in these cases

CCDC: Reasons why sourceCIF data must be Open - ridiculous that these battles must still be fought #opendata

Politicians Start Getting Digital #Copyright Right - well, some do: kudos to @clarecurranmp #deact #nz

Garbage In, Garbage Out - fab, if rather depressing, numeric debunking of idea we can get lots of #energy from waste

Horrific: Two Years, Heavy Fine For 60-Year-Old Music File Sharer - compare: "Homicide by strangling, 6 months"

Welcome to OpenWear, a collaborative clothing platform - very, er, neat (v @remixtures) #sharing #fashion

#Sony Finally Fully Unveils Its #Android Tabs, The Sony S and P - oh no: 1 has *rounded* corners... #ipad

The Emergence of Benefit-driven Production - useful review of peer production and "commonism" #opensource

Potential Buyers Sizing Up #Kodak Patents - feeding the #patent pyramid scheme

Infringement Nation: #Copyright Reform and the Law/Norm Gap - I know this is old (2007), but it's also brilliant

Yes, It’s Time To Abandon The United States - provocative stuff, but interesting things on scaling (v @webmink)

Solyndra to file for bankruptcy, lay off 1,100 - chinese competition major factor? #energy

Free #opensource laptops for 32,000 students Languedoc-Roussillon - lucky them #france

#Facebook opens up about #opensource software - “Engineers enjoy working on open source" (v @remixtures)

#Apple's Chinese Suppliers Accused of Causing Significant Environmental Damage - ah, yes, those #externalities

DOJ Sues to Stop ATandT, T-Mobile Merger - big for US, not sure if there are ramifications much elsewhere

Why the Impossible Happens More Often - particular good piece, I thought; at the heart of all the opens etc.

#China's telecom patent boom heralds innovation era - false: patents & innovation quite different

Never too late: Taking measures to promote #Armenian #Wikipedia - interesting to see #stallman getting things moving


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