Tuesday, 5 November 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest https://moodysmdd.blogspot.com/2019/11/191103.html yesterday’s tweets as a single page

No 10 blocks Russia EU referendum report until after election - https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/04/no-10-blocks-russia-eu-referendum-report-until-after-election a blatant cover-up, but there will be zero consequences. this is where we are today.

Irish PM under fire for extolling benefits of #climatecrisis - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/nov/04/irish-pm-leo-varadkar-under-fire-for-extolling-benefits-of-climate-crisis oh, and I thought he was reasonably clever…

US Government Threatening To Kill Free Trade With South Africa After Hollywood Complained It Was Adopting American Fair Use Principles - https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20191031/00591143300/us-government-threatening-to-kill-free-trade-with-south-africa-after-hollywood-complained-it-was-adopting-american-fair-use.shtml don’t do as I do, do as I say…

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