Thursday, 4 April 2019


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest’s tweets as a single page

Ministers warned over planes and troops in no-deal Brexit - “publish his 14-page document setting out the catastrophic consequences of a no-deal Brexit.” nothing to hide, nothing to fear, right?

The march to mandatory, nationwide #DNA databases picks up pace around the world - it’s coming, and few seem to care…

Russia Expands Site Blocking To #VPNs - this was predictable, but bad news in any case; others will doubtless follow suit

“10,000 officers trained in quelling disorder were ready for deployment across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and trained in tactics to tackle looting” - perfectly normal… #brexitchaos

Saudi Arabia’s first nuclear reactor nearly finished, sparking fears over safeguards - so what happens to that nuclear material when #saudiarabia collapses, and is taken over by extreme islamists…?

“We once took not just pride, but also security, from the sense of Britons as moderate, stoical, polite, tolerant people, protected from extremes by pragmatism and humour. That idea has been completely torpedoed.” - I agree #brexitchaos

How US went from telecoms leader to #5G also-ran without challenger to China’s Huawei - good analysis of the benefits of standardisation

DOJ Warns Academy That Being An Anti-Streaming Luddite Could Violate Antitrust - interesting…

Campaign to save oceans maps out global network of sanctuaries - must be a priority

Leaked emails show infiltration fears before attempt to oust Grieve - “Grieve was one of several Tory MPs targeted for deselection by Leave.EU”

Leaked file shows stark contrasts for Britons in EU after no-deal Brexit - #brexit: taking away rights from Brits abroad, making everyone’s life more miserable…

Bavarian ‘save the bees’ success raises green hopes in Germany - “Other German states are now planning to hold their own public votes”

Northern Ireland faces prospect of no-deal #Brexit ‘milk lake’ - “UK would be subjected to a de facto ban on exports of animals, meat and food products”

Justizministerin Barley will Urheberrechtsreform zustimmen - “hat sich für eine deutsche Unterstützung des umstrittenen Gesetzes ausgesprochen - mit Einschränkungen.” feeble #uploadfilters

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