Thursday, 29 November 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Ningxia learns from #Xinjiang how to fight terrorism - the #uyghurs were just the start; #china will be rolling out its total #surveillance system everywhere…

London to lose €800bn to Frankfurt as banks prepare for Brexit - "there is no downside to #brexit"… yeah, right

Arlene Foster says DUP would not back second Brexit referendum - luckily, nobody cares what you think

EU net migration to UK falls to lowest level in almost six years - but “Non-EU net migration was at its highest since 2004” - we’re just swapping people who share our european heritage for those that don’t… #brexitchaos

Past four years hottest on record, data shows - <slow handclap/>

Extending article 50 would invalidate Brexit deal, says May - she’s making this up as she goes along; ask Barnier - I bet he doesn’t say that…

Linux and Supercomputers - nice history

‘Botched Brexit’ could spark electoral wipeout for Tories, rebels say - if @UKLabour are wise, they will start using this phrase…and go for #peoplesvote

Tokyo Olympics venues ‘built with wood from threatened rainforests’ - time to boycott #Tokyo2020

The EPA has lost its mind - the @epa is just utterly pathetic; so sad to see how it has come down…

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