Saturday, 8 September 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest yesterday’s tweets as a single page

#Saveyourinternet Action Week – Day 2 Twitter Recap - lots of links to lots of fine people warning about how dangerous #eucopyright directive will be for the Internet

BBC admits ‘we get #climatechange coverage wrong too often’ - finally: “you would not have someone denying that Manchester United won 2-0 last Saturday. The referee has spoken”

It’s now or never: EU copyright must protect access to knowledge and the commons - good summary

A “Product Of U.S.A.” Should Come From The U.S.A. - seems that some meat the US will be sending UK after #brexit won’t even come from the US… #yum

journalist in #southafrica fired for daring to write about #china's concentration camps in xinjiang - #china's tendrils reach everywhere these days…

The Hidden Link Between Farm Antibiotics and Human Illness - phasing out routine use of antibiotics for animals must be a priority

Uyghur Poetry in Translation: Perhat Tursun’s “Elegy” - Tursun now one of the million innocent #uyghurs held in chinese concentration camps #xinjiang

OpenPGP Keyservers Now Store ‘Irremovable’ Torrent Magnet Links - clever

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