Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 180213 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Boris Johnson warns thwarting Brexit vote would be disastrous - not if a majority of people want it now they know they were tricked by #brexit lies…

if you’d like to indicate your displeasure regarding Boris Johnson’s #brexit cant and hypocrisy, you might care to support this - currently up to £131K

Ägypten plant größtes Solarkraftwerk der Welt - this is such an obviously good idea; other north African nations should do the same #renewables

Cloudflare Gets An Easy, Quick And Complete Win Over Patent Troll - this is very good news; and kudos to @Cloudflare for fighting

#lovenotleave “aims to bring together photos of EU-UK couples to showcase the love that exists between people from the UK and people from the EU” - nice

Johnson urges remainers to recognise benefits of leaving EU - the only benefit is that the UK won't be able to screw up good EU policies for purely selfish reasons

Time to Take Environmental Protection Seriously - georgian government's neglect of environmental protection incredibly shortsighted #ge

Dover could suffer '20-mile permanent traffic jam' after #Brexit - "organisation representing the shipping industry and ports has said. " this is a real killer for economy and society

Judge Dismisses Playboy’s Dumb Copyright Lawsuit Against BoingBoing - that’s good

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