Friday, 26 January 2018


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 180124 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

CJEU gives Green Light for #Facebook Lawsuit in Vienna - but “CJEU gave a very narrowly definition of the notion of a “consumer” which makes an Austrian-style “consumer class action” impossible.”

Beppe Grillo steps aside from Italy’s Five Star Movement - whoa; will it survive without its figurehead?

“May says technology companies employ some of the brightest minds in the world - they should be able to design a system where unacceptable content is deleted automatically.” - clueless politician wants tech #pixiedust again

UK government Digital Charter - vague update on what’s happening - mostly platitudinous

UK government is looking to appoint a Chair to lead the interim Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation - form an orderly queue, please…

“It’s official. Barring a few details, US president Donald Trump will visit the United Kingdom later this year.” - OK, so let’s start organising the biggest protests UK has ever seen…

May calls again for tech firms to act on encrypted messaging - the record’s broken again, but it’s jumped from the “strong and stable” track to “backdoor crypto” track #clueless

Bulgarian environment minister under MEP fire over his views on climate change - #bulgaria's shame: he’s a denialist. everyone boycott him. #bg

Britain risks losing green protections after Brexit - of course, it’s race to the bottom time after #brexit

Tourism to U.S. under Trump is down, costing $4.6B and 40,000 jobs - who would want to visit a land ruled by a lying, racist, sexist climate-denier?

Rupert Murdoch Admits, Once Again, He Can’t Make Money Online – Begs Facebook To Just Give Him Money - @mmasnick one of the few people to remember murdoch’s many many previous Net failures…

Invitation to tender: Copywriters, editors and/or producers - “Experienced copywriters, editors and/or producers to assist in the production of outputs from the ODI’s three year innovation programme”

UK opposes strong EU recycling targets despite plastics pledge - this is what is waiting for us post-#brexit - low standards compared to EU…

Trump threatens to cut aid to Palestinians for ‘disrespecting’ Pence - “miss, miss, that rotter was nasty to my friend - I’m not going to play with him now…”

“For May, the good news is that business doesn’t hate her. The bad news is that they pity her.” - #strongandstable #brexit

“Trump’s erratic behaviour, nationalist approach and support from the racist far-right have brought the prospect of mass protests when he does arrive” - #stoptrump

Theresa May disowns Hammond’s remarks as MPs rebel over #Brexit - tory party is out of control; May is nowhere

#TPP Is Back, Minus #Copyright Provisions And Pharma Patent Extensions, In A Clear Snub To Trump And The US - #CPTPP

Harris Stingray Nondisclosure Agreement Forbids Cops From Telling Legislators About Surveillance Tech -

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