Saturday, 2 December 2017


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 171130 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

EU #Copyright review: The FSFE joins more than 80 organisations asking the EU member states to reject harmful Article 13 -

Mixed Messages? The Limits of Automated Social Media Content Analysis - “We explain five limitations of these tools” #copyright

Sicilians take aim at oil ‘monster’ they blame for children’s birth defects - "it is the water that is the contaminant of the toxic substance.” #italy

David Davis threatens to quit if Damian Green is sacked unfairly - for some value of “unfairly”…

ISPs Are Already Using The FCC’s Planned #NetNeutrality Repeal To Harm Consumers - well, course they are…what did people expect?

Meghan Markle could shake up monarchy, says Noam Chomsky - what a time to be alive…

Trump Tweet About Surveillance Undercuts FBI’s Glomar Responses In FOIA Lawsuits - horrible though they are, his tweets have their use

How London’s loss is Dublin’s gain after #Brexit - “Close to 100 big banks, insurers and law firms maybe sizing up the capital”

Navy Officer Working For The NSA Caught Trying To Search Her Boyfriend’s Son’s Phone - this never happens, they say…

Linux Journal Ceases Publication - that’s sad…thanks for all your great work

Australian State Wants To Let Tech Companies Ignore Laws And Regulations - er, what?

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