Monday, 16 October 2017


Article 13 Open letter – Monitoring and Filtering of Internet Content is Unacceptable - huge support to drop idea

Iraqi forces clash with Kurds in operation to ‘impose security’ on Kirkuk - #iraq on the brink of civil war?

Trump May Not Be Serious About His NBC Threats… But He May Have Violated The First Amendment - naughty, naughty

Tillerson denies ‘castration’ and says diplomacy goes on till ‘first bomb drops’ - well, that’s comforting…

#NHS chiefs spend £100,000 on failed bid to stop #whistleblowing doctor having his day in court - shameful waste

EU commission obscures growing impacts multilateral investment court - “obscures environmental and social impacts”

Council Legal Service On Copyright: ‘Regrettably No Clear Answers Are Given…’ - Article 13 must go

Theresa May to appeal to Macron over Brexit transition period - so she's begging now? take back control, yeah, right

think back to 2012 London Olympics, how proud & united we were as a country; now think what we are today. that is what #brexit has done #UK

Rule out plans to stop patients going to A&E without permission - hunt is just contemptible #NHS

Raju Narisetti joins Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees - sounds good

The refuge system at breaking point - imagine how things will be under post-#brexit hyper-austerity

Whales and dolphins lead ‘human-like lives’ thanks to big brains, says study - also why they must never be in zoos

The European Parliament Should Be Talking About #DRM, Right Now! - DRM must go

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