Monday, 3 July 2017


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 170702 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

Copyright Holders Ask Google to Block Site-Blocking Notifications - copyright maximalists at work…

Drivers are the top consumers of #palmoil in Europe - this is utter insanity; we must end it now

Openscore’s plans to liberate sheet music - fab idea #pd

#Copyright June Madness - good summary #eu
Oversight of use of #opensource code crucial as GDPR approaches, says industry expert - ridiculous scaremongering

New open energy data portal set to spark innovation in energy efficiency solutions - #opendata

EU Food Safety Authority execs reject EU Parliament demands to stay clear of industry-funded experts -

Privatisation of UK woodlands is happening by the backdoor - we stopped this before, we need to do it again

UK’s hunger for prawns is killing thousands of turtles a year - awful

New European Interoperability Framework calls on public sector to contribute to Free Software - still has #FRAND

Global Entertainment Giants Form Massive Anti-Piracy Coalition - needs keeping an eye on

Central Asia’s largest marine park opens in Astana - … … shame on #kazakhstan for this barbarous move

Protesters plan to ‘kettle’ leaders at #G20 summit in Hamburg - this is going to be fun to watch…

CJEU Decision on Ziggo: The Pirate Bay Communicates Works to the Public - #copyright

If Trump tries a ‘sneak’ visit to Britain, he’ll see how much he is despised - “He is not welcome in our name”

Business Models, Intellectual Property and the Creative Industries: A Meta-analysis - #copyright

“UK is braced for a snap visit from US president in next 2 weeks.” - will his plane be on

Spain: Publishers pay themselves in desperate effort to show that giving them extra rights actually has an effect -

Two charged after 79 guns found in van headed for the UK - it’s so good that this is actually a headline

May sitting on report on foreign funding of UK extremists - which tells us pretty much what is in it…

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