Saturday, 1 April 2017


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 170330 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

EU says no to free-trade talks until ‘progress’ on final #Brexit terms - seems a pretty definitive “no”

#Japan kills more than 300 #whales in annual Antarctic hunt - “studying the ecological system” by slaughtering, yeah

EU Plans To Weaken Encrypted Communications Despite Countless Warnings It Can’t Be Done Safely - get ready to fight

UK “investing more in our joint F-35 fast jet programme” costing $379bn - because we will be so rich post-#brexit

"response to School’s Week report, 'Ofsted considers tracking #Facebook and #Twitter to check on schools.” -

Future of Gibraltar at stake in #Brexit negotiations - “taking back control” & giving it to Spain…

Epigenetics, hype and woo - “There’s a lot of #epigenetics pseudoscience & quackery out there”

People Don’t Want to Come to Trump’s America: ‘Trump Slump’ in Travel Is Costing US Billions - can’t think why…

Australia lays claim to the biggest solar farm in the world - fab news - more, please, #AU

See how data travels across the internet and the privacy risks it faces along the way - looks interesting #GCHQ #NSA

How Burger King’s #PalmOil Addiction Is Devastating Local Communities—and Planet Earth - shame on @BurgerKing

Большинство россиян считают, что Путин работает хорошо - they’d probably say the same about trump, unlike Usians…

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