Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Moody’s Microblog Daily Digest 170131 - yesterday’s tweets as a single page

how Thiel granted New Zealand citizenship - “donated $1m to Christchurch earthquake relief”; there’s a word for that

#CETA means “EU market will be flooded with cheap, low standard American products resulting in unfair competition” -
Wildlife protection: Leveraging the EU-#Japan trade deal - EU says trade deals good for environment - prove it now

China’s Response To Study Confirms It Uses ‘Strategic Distraction’ To Prevent Collective Action. Sound Familiar? -

Meet the woman who’s making consumer boycotts great again - vital response to trump

#Austria: Anti #CETA, TTIP petition signed by 562,000 - pay attention, MEPs…

“right for government to regulate public services”- it’s a trick answer: nobody saying that, but privatising stuff

Киев заявил об обстреле Россией украинского транспортного самолета - ruh-roh

Nigel Farage among Ukip MEPs accused of misusing EU funds - UK ambassador? you have got to be joking…

Jeremy Corbyn he ‘can lead a protest; I’m leading a country’ - yes, into a fervent grope by trump #BrexitmeansTrump

What’s eating Johnny Depp’s bank account? A horse farm, 14 homes, a bespoke cannon - a flawed shakespearian hero…

Stephen Owen Translates Du Fu - this. is. amazing. #openaccess #chinese #poetry

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