Thursday, 15 September 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160914 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#Spain could be first EU country with national park listed as 'in danger' - shame in spain falls mainly on the plain

Woman on trial for giving water to thirsty pigs - have we come to this? #compassion #animalabuse

new #TISA leak from @wikileaks- 15, 2016 Publication seems there's stuff on dispute settlement

Wi-Fi providers not liable for copyright infringements, rules top EU court - but anonymity at risk

UK to ban fishing from a million square kilometres of ocean - have to say: well done UK gov here...excellent news

Das #TiSA-Abkommen: Datenschutz und Netzneutralit√§t k√∂nnen als „Handelshemmnis“ ausgehebelt werden - #dataprotection

EU #copyright plans: here’s who loves them, who loathes them—and why - this battle will be as big as #ACTA

EU antitrust chief eyeballs online retail geo-blockers, threatens action - great to see @vestager in action again

If Someone Is Testing Ways To Take Down The Internet, Perhaps It's Time To Build A Stronger Internet - sounds wise

Hatch Still Trying To Change The Finalized #TPP Deal To Make It Even Worse For Other Nations - er, is that allowed?

Missouri legislators expand gun rights in defiance of concerns from police - natural selection at work...

EU trade ministers in last-ditch push to save #TTIP pact - well, 12 of them want to save it; seems 16 don't. #whoops

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