Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 160418 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

New EU proposal will perpetuate investors’ attacks on health and environment - here's why #ICS no better than #ISDS

Netflix crackdown in #NewZealand takes hold - crazy: people want to pay,@netflix won't let them #copyright

Obama Wants to Protect Wildlife From Cruel Killing Methods, but Trophy Hunters Aren’t Happy About It - says it all

L'avenir de l'Europe passe par la préservation de son agriculture - which #TTIP will fatally undermine

Soumission : désormais, les USA vont valider les lois européennes - one possibility under #TTIP

Michael Gove likens UK remaining in EU to hostage situation - what a relief he didn't resort to hyperbole...

Gove: "We’re voting to be hostages locked in the back of the car and driven headlong towards deeper EU integration …" uh-huh

Stop #TTIP & #CETA! For a just global economy! Nationwide Demonstration | April 23, 2016 | Hannover / Opernplatz -

Hillary Clinton’s completed questionnaire on "free trade agreements," #TPP, #ISDS etc -

China Considers Cutting Itself Off From Global Internet, As 3 Home-Grown Browsers Are Found Leaking Personal Data -

#ISDS undermines rule of law and democracy, UN expert tells Council of Europe - he's right #TTIP #CETA

#TPP would hurt small scale farmers in developing countries, groups say
- as #TTIP would in EU

Europe’s Regulations at Risk: The Environmental Costs of the #TTIP - hugely important area

Authors Guild Petulantly Whines About How Wrong It Is That The Public Will Benefit From Google Books - well, course

Rev. William Barber removed from American Airlines flight - yeah, Reverends are all muslims, or hindus or something

Panama, Trade Agreement Promises & The #TPP - interesting

Drop in #dementia rates suggests disease can be prevented, researchers say - heartening news

Juncker admits Europeans have lost faith in the EU - he'd better drop #TTIP & #CETA or it will get even worse...

France threatens halt to #TTIP talks barring progress in coming months - "TTIP deal, already deeply unpopular"

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