Saturday, 5 December 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151203 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Bad-loser Farage whines about Labour's big win in Oldham, shows he knows #UKIP existentially threatened by Corbyn -

Taking Stock of ISIS Oil: Part 2 - fascinating piece about small-scale local refineries (v @Elizrael @EliotHiggins)

Using Content Delivery Networks To Circumvent The Great Firewall Of #China - v clever approach #censorship

Protecting online privacy by enhancing IT security and strengthening EU IT capabilities - next week, live streaming

The Campaign for Freedom of Information response to the UK Commission on Freedom of Information -

#TiSA major obstacle for governments willing to switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy -

#TISA: Non-binding “Targets” for Climate, but Binding Rules on Trade in Services - profits before planet

Farm issues could scupper free trade deal with EU: U.S. - #TTIP is nothing but bad news for EU farmers

latest @EU_Commission sell-out: it wants to remove any reference of trade from #COP21 statement. will @Europarl_EN accept that? #ISDS

"EU's overall objective to have COP decisions without any explicit mention of trade & IPR & to minimize discussions on trade-related issues"

EU: "Any attempt to create new provision/agenda item/work programme/mechanism on trade/IPR at the UNFCCC discussions cannot be accepted"

German Parliament Spy Oversight Board Sues German Government Over Data Sharing With NSA - astonishing stuff in #de

Republicans line up to crush gun control efforts - why do they hate the future US victims so much?

Summit rules out ban on gene editing embryos destined to become people - "gene editing" now clearly a thing #crispr

Why we should all be worried about our BITs – or at least what foreign investors are doing with them - #ISDS

Bhutan has ‘most ambitious pledge’ at the Paris climate summit - we should clearly let #Bhutan run the planet...

US Parents more worried about sex than violence in film, survey reveals - well, there's your problem, then...

Up In the Air: How to solve #London’s air quality crisis - totally unacceptable for this still to be a problem...

Climate deniers agree their key messages for journalists (with a journalist in the room) - pathetic but interesting

Let's Fix EU #Copyright! - online forms help frame & submit your answers 2 important EU consultation; open to all

Former Bush Press Secretary Says The Answer To Mass Shootings Is... More Domestic Surveillance - of course

final report on #TPP by the Labor Advisory Committee - "believes the agreement should not be submitted to Congress"

IGPAC report on #TPP representing state & local government - " analysis of ISDS provisions thorough, quite critical"

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