Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150810 -  tweets as a single page

NZ IT industry mobilises to fight #TPP software patent threat - you won once, you can do it again #NZ

Doctors join the 100,000 petitioners on the #TPP - it's a matter of life and death

Could the Trans-Pacific Partnership (#TPP) Be Dead? - if not, try harder...

Why #TPP Threatens To Undermine One Of The Fundamental Principles Of Science - #monopoly on facts must be stopped

Vietnamese Businesses in the dark on #TPP - they don't know what is going to hit them... #vn

The #TPP: what are we prepared to trade? - & what will #AU get in return...?

Climate – a big reason Kiwis say no to the #TPP - and a very good one

.@washingtonpost Editorial Backs Secrecy, Drug Companies in #TPP - because, hey: who cares about the little people?

Will #TPP go up in smoke over anti-tobacco proposal? - unacceptable for killer tobacco to be treated as "normal" good

Crisis, Emergency Measures and Failure of the #ISDS System: The Case of #Argentina - $80 billion claimed; (v @zoobab)

Blair: Labour faces 'annihilation' if Jeremy Corbyn wins leadership - or maybe the canker of #Blairism does...

Greek bailout terms to give eurozone vast powers over policymaking - clearly time for Greece to tell euro to get lost

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