Thursday, 19 February 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150218 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Protesters greet John Key in Oxford, Canterbury - good, more needed #TPP

Tell MPs to Ban Wild Animals in UK Circuses! - shameful this is still around

My Own Life - typically wise & warm writing from Oliver Sacks about his terminal cancer (v @vaughanbell @edyong209)

Never mind Putin -#fracking and #TTIP will make idiots of us all - "contagion of inequality is taking hold in Europe"

delusional EU/US politicians assert "without supplying hard evidence" Putin is funding NGOs against #TTIP - pathetic

ACV-CSC, Belgium Trade Union Confederation with 1.7 Million Members has decided to join Stop #TTIP - now at 1,459,361

Lenovo PCs ship with man-in-the-middle adware that breaks HTTPS connections - here are the details; awful

EU's Baltic fishing plan is a first step, but with serious flaws - let's fix them

Minister's claims that solar panels harm UK food security are false - perhaps she should resign...

Buying pricey drugs harms more UK lives than it saves - #TPP and #TTIP likely to make this worse #pharma

EU votes to use secret evidence in court as UK intelligence branded flawed - more bad moves...

Announcing the Open Data Day Coalition micro-grantees - nice

Can SUEPO sue #EPO? It now seems so ... - worth noting

If You Care About The Environment In Canada, You May Be Targeted As An 'Anti-Petroleum Extremist' - O #Canada...

#TTIP under pressure from protestors as EU promises #ISDS safeguards - folly: you don't fix something you don't need

"role of the global market for jobs that has persuaded some campaigners 2 demand that #TTIP be thrown out altogether"

"When signature from all heads of state, including outgoing US president, must be inked by next spring, #TTIP may be on life-support."

.@EMA_News is quite simply a disgrace: whose side are they on? not the European public's, it would seem -

Holder Says Putting Reporter James Risen Through Hell Is A Good 'Example' Of DOJ Process For Leak Investigations -

Lenovo In Denial: Insists There's No Security Problem With Superfish -- Which Is Very, Very Wrong - @lenovo clueless

Jetzt den Widerstand gegen #TTIP und #CETA weiter st√§rken! - "gegen den Ausverkauf von Demokratie und Rechtsstaat"

The Great SIM Heist: How Spies Stole the Keys to Encryption Castle - " game over for cellular encryption" #gchq #nsa

the more we learn about #NSA/#GCHQ exploits, the more I'm amazed at how little they've been able to do with them in fighting crime

Time Warner Cable calls customer “C**t” after she reports cable box problem - spectacular fail

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