Saturday, 31 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150129 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Drug Dealers Swapping Down To Old Cellphones To Stay One Step Ahead In The 'Tech Arms Race' - will become common

Open Knowledge Foundation Germany H2020 project to improve transparency in public spending & support whistleblowing -

Chinese Newspaper And Citizens Find Spyware Purchase Orders On Dozens Of Police And Local Government Web Sites -

Cameron said: "TV crime dramas illustrated the value of monitoring mobile data" - this man is a dangerous fool

Police told to review nearly 2,000 cases of alleged #corruption - & they want to give police access to our #metadata?

How #transparency can monitor scandals in #TTIP - "Letting industry experts join negotiations would be a scandal"

#DE privacy leaders to discuss suspending US Safe Harbor - "NSA's data monitoring "aggressive" & "disproportionate"

#Alibaba Health Reaches Cloud Deal With Winning Software - up to interesting stuff again (v @swardley)

Police Union: You Can Have Safe Neighborhoods Or Be Free Of Flashbang-Burned Toddlers, But Not Both - huh?

MT @areichardt "support for #TTIP: overall Europeans support it" - meaningless: they/we don't know what "it" is

figures in last tweet just show that most Europeans support a trade agreement with US - no surprise; doesn't mean #TTIP acceptable as is

#TPP: "pretty lame to use such huge numbers to tout, in context of US economy, amounts to minuscule changes in income - 10 years from now."

that comment from @washingtonpost refers to 0.4% GDP increase predicted from TPP; for #TTIP it's 0.5% in 10 years time - equally miniscule

Open Addresses: Location, Location, Location - great new open project - don't forget to check/add your address

@EU_Commission pushes for full #transparency for ISDS in existing treaties - great; still don't need #ISDS in #TTIP

Gun Owners of America are against Fast Track - this could be fun to watch (v @vtg2 @snlester)#TPP #TTIP

Anti-Piracy Group So Desperate To Go After Popcorn Time That It Threatens A Blog Software Maker - just deranged

Give frontline police Tasers to help fight terror threat, says federation leader - oh, look, here we go; next: #guns

Give frontline UK police #Tasers - "We have to do something"; this is something, so we have to do it... #policestate

Research shows that the tide of #water privatisation has now turned - UK badly out of step (v @michelreimon)

Fast Track: The sneak attack on democracy - seems a pretty blatant attack to me... #TPP #TAFTA #TTIP

European #UnitaryPatent and Court System in Trouble - let's hope so: it will be a disaster... #EPO

#Green party candidate: "top of her political wishlist is defeating the EU-US trade deal called #TTIP" -

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