Saturday, 1 November 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141030 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Spain Passes Copyright Law; Demands Payment 4 Snippets & Linking To Infringing Content - are #cc licences dead? #ES

New Zealand's Trade Minister Admits They Keep TPP Documents Secret To Avoid 'Public Debate' - yes, #TPP is that bad

No prospect for Pacific free trade pact agreement at APEC: US - confirmed: #TPP pushed to 2015, if ever...

EU, US say hard to imagine #TTIP without investor protection - absurd given strength of EU, US legal systems

Illegal Med fishing claims up to two tons of swordfish per boat per day - #Italy, you must sort this

New Projects from the Ever-Protean World of #OpenSource - the fun just keeps on coming #freesw #mozilla #eclipse

#TTIP: Healthy profits, but what about people? - "concerned that TTIP will widen existing health inequalities"

Wisconsin Town Sends In The BearCat Tank To Collect Civil Fine From Seventy-Year-Old - uh-huh #militarisation

Data protection tops the Commission's agenda - great, but what will be the exact form?

Company Applies To Frack Under London - "Merton, parts of Surrey, lland that runs from Harrow to Westminster" #insane

‘Pro-patent bias is a serious risk at the Unified Patent Court’ - this could be a huge problem (v @KeltieLLP)#UPC

Scottish Government demands #NHS #TTIP guarantees - but won't get them (v @drmarielouise @marcuschown)

"a deepening structural conflict over the shape & mastery of digital capitalism" - good analysis (v @juliapowles)

If GOP Takes Senate Next Week, Expect The CIA #Torture Report To Disappear - until it's leaked, that is...

Conservancy Files Petition for #DMCA Exemptions for “Smart” TVs - "permit community-based hacks on TV firmwares"

One person dead as Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo rocket plane crashes on test flight -

ttp:// absurdly disproportionate: what about NSA/GCHQ?

Amazon rainforest deforestation linked to extreme weather events - but will @dilmabr act? #br

#TPP: Exacerbation of inequality for patients with serious mental illness - #health

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