Friday, 23 May 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140522 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Harry Reid Bows Down To Trial Lawyers & Big Pharma In Killing Patent Reform - time to get rid of patents completely

"#TTIP giving big business more power over our laws & additional rights to sue governments for damaging profits." -

"the typical farmed American salmon 'eats its own weight in #antibiotics' before it is sold" - this. is. madness

Erfolg: Deutsche Bank erteilt Hafenerweiterung eine Absage - fab work by @campact #au

big: "first time the WTO has accepted animal welfare as grounds for violating basic trade agreement" - #canada

#Fracking compensation to be increased - such blatant #bribery, pushing people sell to children's health for pence

FBI Drops Another Questionable NSL After Microsoft Challenges It In Court - kudos to #microsoft for this

Write-down of two-thirds of US shale oil explodes #fracking myth - why UK fracking dream is daft Tory fantasy

 History shows that parched Aral Sea can be restored - well, that's hopeful then...

First #Xibe Literary Anthology Published in Chinese - exciting #manchu #tungusic  #linguistics

 Beijing, Shanghai in top 5 most affluent cities list - #london top, FWIW

important: De Gucht says that it is likely that #TTIP is a "mixed agreement" - so national parliaments will vote too

Little to gain and much to lose for Australia in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (#TPP) - true; if only #AU public knew

Even Asylum in Russia Can't Save #Snowden From Becoming a Meme - wonderful; he must be chuckling...

#Mozilla: Publish and be #DRM'd! - "DRM for video is simply a Trojan Horse for all the #copyright industries."

Trade Unions, ‘Free Trade’, and the Problem of Transnational Solidarity: An Introduction - #TTIP #TPP

@DWPgovuk – and @cabinetofficeuk – hide new Universal Credit secrets - a continuing disgrace

#TTIP: & Role of Trade Impact Assessments: Managing Fictional Expectations - great analysis of conceptual framework

MEPs suspicious as Commission fails to respond to #TTIP questions - De Gucht is getting so rattled...

Nationalpark im Amazonasgebiet: Ecuador erteilt Ölbohr-Lizenz für Weltnaturerbe - what a disaster...

great analysis of EU's imminent Unitary Patent system & its deep flaws - important stuff #UPC #patents #trolls

UK: '4.4bn barrels of oil' in Weald basin - report - "may not be recoverable": in which case it's pretty moot, no?

No shale gas potential in Weald basin, concludes British Geological Survey - #fracking #UK

Will the #TPP Go the Way of the WTO’s Doha Round? - doubts being to swirl...

MT @EdGerwin US & EU announce they'll include separate #Smallbiz chapter in #TTIP>> so why not one for the public, too? (v @EU_TTIP_team)

#Fracking support declines in UK and US - you mean people are realising it was only hype & lies all along...?

'Lies’ : Elections, outbursts and EU-US free trade talks - nice review of where #TTIP talks stand today

Merkel sagte: "Jede Erfahrung des Freihandels ist für uns eine gute Erfahrung gewesen" - & they were all unlike #TTIP

Losing #Ukip councillor blames poor London polls on 'cultured elite' - well done, #londoners...

Should Revealing #Fracking's Chemicals Be A Crime? - part of larger move to enhance power of "#tradesecrets"

Please Write to Canadian MPs to bring Clinical Trial Transparency to #Canada - huge opportunity here: let's take it

RT @jackschofield #Microsoft announces free version of #Windows for cheap devices >>inevitable but too late #linux

Study Shows US Government's #Drone Killing Strategy Is Having Zero Impact On Al-Qaeda Attack Numbers - awkward

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