Friday, 30 August 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130828 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Former White House IP Czar Immediately Jumps Ship To Microsoft-Driven Anti-Piracy Lobbying Group #BSA -

 Le réseau anonyme #Tor voit son trafic exploser - this is curious...

A coordinated approach is key for #openaccess - useful reflections (v @petermurrayrust)

#AbbVie & #InterMune: Drop your legal action blocking access to EMA clinical trial data - what have they got to hide?

Researchers Launch The Survey Bay; Largest Database Of Information On Users Of The Pirate Bay - fascinating stuff

Bundesgerichtshof: Rentnerin ohne Rechner muss nicht für Raubkopie zahlen - too right

France 'opens probe' into US spy program PRISM - that's good, but then what? #nsa

"Dust is a protocol to resist a number of current attacks to censor Net comms" - #DPI-resistant (v @Bruce_Schneier)

#HTC Develops China-Focused Mobile Operating System - anyone know if this is #linux-based?

EU drops mobile wholesale roaming plans - first #netneutrality, now this... (v @alexanderhanff)

Federal court ruling threatens whistleblower and civil service protections - we need more, not fewer whistleblowers

Tempora: Was sagt die Bundesregierung zum britischen Abhörprogramm? - we're all waiting...

Europe pushes own digital ‘cloud’ in wake of US spying scandal - be crazy not to #nsa

Health experts critical of pharma industry's new transparency rules - Big #Pharma's Big #FUD #opendata

Police break up Public Citizen press conference criticizing HHS for unethical study - extraordinary police bullying

#TPP sides set to keep food safety regimes - well, that's something, I suppose

MPAA Wins Landmark Piracy Battle Against Hotfile - awful decision - lots of bad implications

Android VP Hugo Barra Leaves Google for #China's #Xiaomi - another indication of xiaomi's rise...

Documenting #Elephants’ Compassion, and Their Slaughter - “The earth is not the earth without them.” (v @edyong209)

Why The Creators Of Breaking Bad Don’t Deserve Our Money - well-argued piece (v @john_weeks)#creativity

How #NetworkNeutrality Promotes Innovation - here's the evidence: European Commission take note...

Japan asks #TPP states to open up public works projects to foreign firms - wonder how that will go down...

Texas Deputy Sues 911 Caller For Not 'Adequately Warning' Him Of Potential Danger Or 'Making The Premises Safe' -

 BT seeks 'legal clarity' before implementing pornography filters - interesting... #uk #censorship

#NSA on #Snowden: “This is why you don’t hire brilliant people for jobs like this." - NSA: home of the non-brilliant

One Key to Rule Them All: Threats Against Service Provider Private Encryption Keys - worth emphasising #https

$52.6 billion The Black Budget - nicely-done infographic (v @gutjahr @netzpolitik)#nsa #cia

 Massensterben seltener Fische: US-Regierungsbehörde warnt vor #Fracking - well, that's awkward

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (#TTIP) - useful summary from Congressional Research Service

Meet the judge who suspended a child rapist's sentence because his victim was "older than her chronological age" -

How Many Leakers Came Before Snowden? - & how many sold their stuff to the "bad" people...?

Even after earthquakes, we need Open - Open Ricostruzione – adesso

West Virginia Woman Has Home Foreclosed On By Accident, All Furniture Trashed by Contractors - how is this possible?

#Xiaomi's Bin Lin on Hiring Hugo Barra, International Expansion & Selling 100,000 Phones in 90 Seconds - going places

 Tudor theatre, 21st century technology - #shakespeare meets #raspberrypi

Japanese farmers’ opposition to #TPP waning, Malaysian minister says - true, or attempt to talk down opposition?

New Sources and Rights section on The Public Domain Review - good stuff #pd

Windows-8-Artikel: Microsoft geht gegen "Zeit Online" vor Gericht - interesting

Regulatory Cooperation in #TTIP - just a fancy way of saying "levelling down" to lowest standard (v @CdrakeFairTrade)

Graying Linux developers look for new blood - something that's concerned me for some time - & not just for #linux

New #Snowden Leak Reports ‘Groundbreaking’ NSA Crypto-Cracking - ooh, now that is in intriguing...

Guess what happened when Backblaze tried using the #NSA for data backup - he got a load of utter tosh

The #NSA has its own team of elite hackers - good piece, good use of @LinkedIn for info (v @csoghoian)#china

re that last tweet: doesn't this mean that the #NSA has moved far beyond sigint into large-scale digital attacks? did we know this before?

 How “cell tower dumps” caught the High Country Bandits - #metadata anyone? (v @clarinette02 @CatherineNCrump)

The West Papuan independence movement - a history - good to see @guardian covering shameful treatment of this people

(last v @TomHRLC @suigenerisjen)

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