Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130107 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The Improbable is the New Normal - another thought-provoking piece from Kevin Kelly

France orders Internet provider to stop blocking Google ads - why #netneutrality needs protecting

LEGO Announces GNU/LInux-Powered Mindstorms EV3 Platform - be mad not to

Kenyan Filmmaker Who's Planning To Distribute His Documentary Via 'Pirates' Posts First Hour Of New Film On Youtube -

one million volt stun guns being illegally shipped into UK - bound to happen #tasers

Still smarting from #SOPA, Congress to shy away from #copyright in 2013 - industry will find other ways...

How A Pickpocket Cleans You Out - entertaining if it doesn't happen to you (v @phylogenomics)

Neoliberales Teilen? Grüne EU-Abgeordnete gegen Sharing und Fair Use - impressive: clueless & insulting

Move Over 'TacoCopter': Here Comes The 'Internet Of #Drones' - enjoy clear skies while you can

Should we be persuaded by Lynas's conversion from GM critic to GM proponent? - interesting rebuttal of main points

The Main Problem With Patented GM Food Is The Patent, Not The Fact That It's GM - owning food a bad idea

#Titian painting rediscovered in depths of National Gallery - here's one I found earlier... #london

Polaroid Unveils First #Android Camera With Removable Lens - the future of photography?

Richard Stallman Answers Your Questions - nothing new, but always cogent #rms

The Disappearance of Craig Murray - this is disquieting#censorship

Barclays To Save ‘Billions’ With Own Cloud And Open Source - pretty significant vote for #opensource (v @schestowitz)

Indian Government to develop app ecosystem for low cost Aakash tablets - wise move #india #android

'#TPP' keyword in japanese cyber-attack? / Culprit appears to have searched for term-specific information - curious

EU #FRAND Report Signals Problems - "designed to whitewash patents in standards" #europeancommission

Online Artists Share Work—Tyrants Would Prefer They Share a Cell - good piece about Bassel Khartabil (v @klang67)

FAVI smacks your dumb TV with £30 #Android SmartStick - amazing what this #opensource stuff can do...

COMMUNIA policy paper on proposed Directive on collective management of copyright - "2 issues where should be improved"

Dacor bakes Android tablet into wall oven - #android in#domotics is truly, er, hot... (v @schestowitz)

"the infectious idea of internalising externalities turns its victims into grasping, would-be rentiers" - wise words

Workshop: Digital Media for Endangered Languages in Latin America - vital stuff #linguistics

#OpenStreetMap: the #OpenSource of the Mobile Age - & more important than you might think #osm

El Encuentro Regional de la AGA en Chile: Gobierno Abierto en América Latina - great to see #ogov #chile

Calling all Nader raiders: The future of digital consumer advocacy in #UK - good roundup

Brewing Storm over investor-state dispute resolution Clouds #TPP Talks - hugely important - good explanation (v @PCGTW)

European Parliament Data protection draft – compromise or compromised? - helpful analysis of complex area #privacy #eu

#Sony Issues The 'Bob Dylan Copyright Collection Volume' Solely To Extend#Copyright On Dylan's Work - bit blatant, no?

Archaeologists discover Augustan-era sculptures near Rome - amazing stuff is still being discovered (v @LifeinSicily)

Major Labels Back To Going After Vimeo For Its Lipdubs - detailed analysis #copyright

#Australia Says 'Let's Update #Copyright For Digital Economy;' Legacy Industries Say 'Let's Pretend It's Still 1968' -

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