Monday, 10 September 2012


EU #Orphan Works: A Missed Opportunity - and how: a real disgrace for the MEPs involved

Companies asked get involved against software patents and the current proposal for a unitary patent - let's hope #eu

Bezos on Android: We Like It! - no surprise there, it's he foundation of #kindle's success

Unitary patent threatens innovation in Europe - here's why#eu

Beaten Tibetan Girl Jailed - seems the mighty #china is terrified of a teenager #tibet

Street Art Comes Alive in Banksy GIFs - rather wonderful

Mozilla's #Firefox OS: Take It Seriously - shaping up nicely#mobile

Failing to Understand the Needs of the 21st Century: The #TPP’s Inflexible Approach to Internet Transmissions -

Three Reasons Possession Of Child Porn Must Be Re-Legalized In The Coming Decade - brave piece from @Falkvinge 

First Issue of New #GIMP Magazine Released - great to see #freesw

Owning It. - great parallels between #monsanto and #apple(v @techdirt)#copyright #genepatents

As ARM-Based Devices Take Over, Intel Cuts Its Sales Forecast For The Rest Of The Year - wintel duopoly crumbles

Judge in Oracle v. Google Says What Jurors Must Not Do -- & It's What the Jury in Apple v. Samsung Seem to Have Done -

This UK spying bill is against privacy and democracy. And it won't work - great summary (v @raycorrigan)#CDB

Argentina Begins Tracking All Credit Cards - whoa #ar

Interview with the #ACLU#TPP Is a Major Threat to Free Speech, Privacy, and Due Process - (v @remixtures)

Few fans of U.S. intellectual property proposals in #TPP - why put up with them?@remixtures 

Should Bogus #Copyright Takedown Senders Be Punished? - only fair, surely? #DMCA

Lies, Damned Lies, and #OpenData - important point about the #politicisation of data

How Clean Air Act Saved $22 Trillion in Health-Care Costs -, what deranged anti-"liberal" comments (v @digiphile)

Saving YouTube From the Choking Web of Rights - the tragedy of the anti-commons strikes again

A Promise Obama Can Keep Before the Election: Make Trade Transparent - starting with #TPP

Life Without #FreeWill - read this, keep calm & carry on (or not...) (v @codfather @atheistalliance)

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